No we are not really camping, its cannabis tourism,

Vacation in beautiful Jamaica with no worries with like-minded people from around the world. We provide all inclusive cannabis vacations for people who enjoy the marijuana lifestyle and want to vacation safely and enjoy the island of Jamaica.

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Herb is the unification of mankind.

- - Bob Marley,

We will pick you up at the Montego Bay airport and begin your all-inclusive vacation immediately. The first day will consist of getting settled in in the private luxury Villa, and a relaxing afternoon of smoking ganja around the pool with a Rum drink in your hand. You will get to meet other guest while relaxing an all-inclusive environment that is safe and secure.

After the first day there will be activities available that you may partake in or just lay by the pool and enjoy your cannabis vacation your way. The Villa will be staffed with local’s that cannot not only wait on you but will give you the flavor of the island at the same time. Three meals will be served daily but there will always be healthy snacks available for your pleasure.

We use many different island villas to accommodate our vacationers we will work with you to create the vacation that you are looking for while making sure it is safe and secure. We will provide a guide on any scheduled trips outside the villa. Our staff will do everything in their power to make sure you get what you desire and that you enjoy your cannabis vacation.

It’s irie mon we make sure you enjoy your Ganga Vacation in Jamaica. We can do it all for you just relax and listen to the surf and smoke a spliff. Are you beginning to hear the reggae music yet?