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1How much does it cost?
Prices start at $125 per person based on double occupancy. We use many different villas in multiple cities on the island so we can customize your vacation to meet your desires.
2What is included in the all inclusive?
Food, drinks including alcohol, snacks, daily activities, luxury room, island transportation and more.
3What is not included in the all-inclusive?
Airfare, shopping, special activities like golf or hang gliding
4How much marijuana will I get daily?
You will receive coupons to make dispensary purchases daily. If you need more coupons on a daily basis you will be provided a second batch of coupons.
5Is marijuana legal in Jamaica?
Possession is legal for locals up to 2 ounces and for tourist with a medical card its the same law. We will provide each vacationer a Medicinal Marijuana card.
6Which of the activities do I get to go on?
Each day there will be a sponsored event to participate in if you wish. So if 7 days you can go on 6 trips.
7How secure is the Villa?
Each villa is picked for its security and a security guard will be provided for further safety.
8Where is the villa located?
We use multiple villas all over the island to satisfy our guest needs and desires. When you make your reservation with our live camp counselor we will discuss the available villas that meet your travel dates and provide images and further information. Since we use multiple villas this information is not available until we can explore your travel dates with you.
9What other activities are available?
Golf, tennis, hang gliding and many other activities are available at a fee. We have attempted to pick the most highly rated activities on the island included them for free but we will be glad to help you explore other activities when we book your vacation.
10Does this include airfare?
No, one of the few things not included is your airfare to the island.
11Are there any hidden fees or taxes?
There is an 18% tax added to all transactions in Jamaica. We will not add any fees or taxes other than those imposed by the government.
12When is the vacation available?
There are limited days each month for our vacations please contact a camp counselor to discuss the options that best meets your needs
13Can I get a discount by bringing several people?
Yes if you can Book along with several of your friends we can provide a discount.